Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Marriage?? Me?? Now??

You are asking me to marry you???

No, I will not Marry you! Are you insane?

Bow down to me for even poppin' the question!
Haha.. Everyone I have talked to this semester has said, "Dude.. Katie you are gonna get married quick!" Me?? Katie Maschue?? I am goof Katie! I am not gonna lie I am really excited to get married and start a family but I dont think i am ready for that. Everyone says that and then they get married. I guess you never really feel ready! It is just scary to think of myself married like next year. Ah.. I dont know what you people see!

I need to stop thinking and go to bed!

ONCE again I am up pondering at 3 in the morning. I think too much. Period. Have you ever known you were getting a suprise and you just couldnt wait?? You wanted it so bad and didnt understand why you couldn't just have it right then?? Duh. We have all felt this with Christmas and birthdays and stuff! I am so not patient. I HATE SUPRISES! Well I was just thinking about how life is like waiting for a suprise! Our Heavenly father has alot of suprises for us.. Things in life that will make us happy. We know they will come and we know they will be good BUT we just dont know when we will get these suprises! I was just up thinking about all the thinks I wish I could change in my life.. I mean I love my life but there is just acouple things I would change right now. And then I thought "God.. Knows all!" He knows all. I need to stop beings so temporal and start focusing on what really matters! I need to focus the blessings in my life and stop waiting for the suprises! God knows when it is right for me to have them! Deep right? HAHA!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mormon Material?? Psh...

As I look around the chapel I see these cute little families.. Actually mormon families are quite big. So they were actually cute big families. They all had there scriptures and hymn books out during the talks. The little kids were downing their cheerios quietly while coloring. How can these families seem so perfect. I mean, I know before you got here this morning you were all arguing about running late and not getting ready fast enough. I can just picture those moms saying, "Uh..Your hair looks like poop!" or "Ugh... Your undies are stinking out of your dress you nast-o!" I am from a big family so I totally get it. As I was looking at all of these freakishly perfect families I looked down the bench at my family! Abbi and Kammie were choking eachother (That happened after Abbi's nap during sacrament of course) just to be retarded, Maddie and Josh was fighting about how Josh forgot to brush his teeth and his breath smelt like poop, and Jessica had her phone out and was taking pictures! Oh Joy, right??! I had no room to talk cause I was also being disruptive! HAHA! It was so hard to pay attention. I am so used to mature college students in singles ward. I had almost forgot what babies looked like to be honest! Today in this home ward there was an RM that just got back. I was trying to get his attention (I knew he wouldnt look) and was doing kissy faces and the whole " call me" while holding your hand up to your ear thing. He never saw. My little sister pulls out her handy dandy phone and we facebook stalked him. Creepy right? It wasnt my idea. My sister was digging too... Which is gross cause she is like ten years younger then him! Those RM's have a way with girls haha. It was a good sunday!

This is what I am talking about! Freakishly perfect Mormon family. At least that is what i got when I googled it anyways!

This is what my family is like.. lol

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day!

Christmas Eve!!!
Christmas is my favorite holiday. My family has a crap load of traditions that we have be doing as long as I remember!
* Secret Sister- We draw names and get a present for that person. We continued calling it that even after my brother was born. Poor Josh! Hahaha
* Talent Show- I dont have any bad a** talent so I always make my talent really retarded every year
* Navity Scene- We didnt do it this year. Im grateful! I always have to be the donkey :/
* Lights- We always go look at Christmas lights.

Christmas Pictures Fool's
Me and Kam before the Talent Show!

I know what you are thinking and Yes i agree! We Hott!

No boy is gonna want to kiss me after they see this!

Well that is Scary, right?!? Josh is cute.

During the talent Show!!!

                          I put on "eye of the tiger" and showed my family some self defense moves!
                                                    They did a cute little song and dance!
               Josh played his tumpet. He needs alittle work. It sounded like he was farting the whole time!
There was alot more talents but i am too lazy to post them. Today has been great too. I got some good presents but presents are not as important to me this year.

Friday, December 24, 2010

I got my background at

It is almost time to celebrate my best friends birthday!

Ah... It is almost December 25th! Do you know what that means? Of course you do. It is almost time to celebrate one of the most inportant events that has ever happened to any of us! You and me. The birth of Jesus Christ. Our Savior! He is the greatest gift I have ever recieved. Yes and Ipod and new clothes sounds nice, but i already have what i need and want! I have the truth. I know it is hard to keep our minds on the true meaning of Christmas but try really hard to keep that in mind and it will be the best Chrismas!  :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ups and downs in the last couple days!

Downs! :(
1. Yesterday morning I woke up at 8 o' clock in the morning to my siblings fighting(Big suprise)
2. I went to take a shower and there was 4 bottles of conditioner and not one bottle of shampoo(nice)
3. I came out to the livingroom and my 15 year old sister was snuggling with her "almost" boyfriend (my little sisters gets more action than me)
4. I made egg salad sandwiches for lunch and realized the "sold by" date was Dec 17th (opps.. Sorry if any family members are feeling alittle sick today)
5. I had to put my last 10 dollars into gas so we could go to Showlow
6. We went to sing at my moms work for a talent show (Yikes.. My fam doesnt have talent)
7. Went to a YSA ugly sweater party and all the weirdo's made me play bingo with them (I cant say No anyone)
8. We went to Dairy Queen and i ran into the lady from my nightmares(My old boss) she once fired me and i was forced to give her a hug
9. I didnt spend the night at Kales cause she was "busy"
10. It was windy and I hate the wind...Hate it!
11. I spent the night at my friends house and she has cat, and i am allergic to cats (I woke up and looked like a chinese kid that had pink eye)
12. We didnt wake up in time for breakfast at McDonalds! (Ugh... I hate my life)
12. Today me and my sisters(maddie and Kammie) havent been getting along. They are so annoying sometimes!
13. I watched Glee and I was able to face the fact that I cant have Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome! His voice makes me weak :(
15. My little brother packed his bags and was gonna run away( Yeah... He went far HAHA!)
14. I wet the bed.. Ok Ok i made this one up cause i ran out of negitive things to say!
ups! :)
1. I got to hang out with my little sisters the whole day yesterday!
2. We got to listen to Christmas music on the way to Showlow (Christmas music is the shiz)
3. I looked super hott yesterday! Jk but i did get alot of complements!
4. We got to go to a rest home and make there night by singing to them (They were deaf so they thought we did amazing)
5. I got really freaking ugly sweater... That was my goal!
6. The sweater was under five dollars! (score)
7. We went to attend the YSA Ugly sweater party and it was so much fun.
8. The party had free donuts and hot coco! (Double score)
9. I went to Dairy Queen and was able to recieve one of the best burgers and fries known to man(also known as the celestial burger)
10. I got to hang out with my old best friend Whit and we are gonna try to hang out more!(I miss her)
11. We went to visit KaleHamblin and I had to sing her a bed time song and tucked her in
12. I got to spend the night at my best friend Kylies house!
13. Had a dance party in the car! It was pumpin'
14. Went out to eat with my family today!
15. Watched glee ALL day and got to watch sexy papas sing all hott and stuff!
16. Oh i got 2 more followers on my blog which means I have six now! Ah... super exciting!
17. Went to watch a movie at Kylies house! It was a funny one
18. Got to do family projects to get in the Christmas spirit :)

As you can see there was alot more good than bad, BUT there was still alittle bad I am not gonna lie. It has been an interesting couple days haha

This is us with our ugly sweaters in a location called hell AKA dairy queen!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My family is RAD!

So last night after i wrote on my blog the night got worse.. I seriously wanted to go home cause It was so different and I didnt even have a bed and It smelt funny! There was actually alot of reasons but yeah i was so ready to go home! Talk about negitive! Even though it was bad I should have been focusing on the good. I have an awesome family that I haven't seen in forever! I realized that today. We woke up and went to Show low to visit my mom at work! I met all the people she works with and she took the family out to eat at Pizza Hut! It was amazing (I mean the pizza was amazing). I love hanging out with my little sisters. We were jamming out to music in the car. Kammie and Maddie were getting annoyed but whatev it was fun!
This was Josh and I in the car on the way to ShowLow! We have fun together. I am pretty sure I am his favorite sister :)
This was all of us In the car! I love my fam!

Tonight we were practicing for a talent show we have to be in tomorrow! Dude.. My family has got really bad at the whole singing thing.We used to sound really good together but i guess we have all lost our touch! Especially Josh! sO Bad.. He was so off! I was laughing so hard that i couldnt even breathe! My mom was getting mad cause i was "horsing around" and making my sisters laugh! I was trying to be sexy when we were practicing the song "Let it snow" I guess i am kinda good at that. There is a part in that song that talks about kissing under the mistle toe and my mom is gonna let me say, "Ohhh.... Yeah!" in a seductive way on that part. I am so excited! I cant believe she is letting me. It is a talent show for all the old folks in the rest home place! I am gonna give them a heartattack haha.. WEll i am going to bed. Keep it real 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ugh... Home sweet Home!

We pulled into the drive way and I was full of excitement. I felt like my face was gonna fall off cause i was smiling so big. "Home Sweet home" I thought to myself! When you have been away from home for awhile you kinda forget all about the bad because you have missed all the good so much... Well It didnt take me long to remember the bad. I got out of the car and I was greeted by the "Hump N' Dump" Oh... That is our dog Max if you didnt know. We just call him that cause he humps anything visible! Scary thought right?? I was excited to see him but the jumpin all over me got old after a few short seconds. I walked inside to find my family. Haha I was jumping all over my them! What a work out. After i was done saying Hi to everyone It felt like i just got done doing 20 jumping jack. My house smelt like a mixture of homemade sugar cookies and Dog butt! The two smells dont go good together just incase you were wondering. My family fights about everything... Literally! The arguements they were getting into just made me laugh. Fighting about whether Josh has ADHD or not?? Come on. They also fought about what we should do for family home evening. I solved that one by saying, "How about we go around and everyones says three things they love about me?" Well that never happened. I am happy to be home but I dont know how long it will last.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dun Dun Da Dun...Here comes the Bride!!!

So I went to Morgan and Kaylas wedding reception with Jonny (my best friend)! We went in said congrats to the Bride and groom and then straight to the snack table. Nachos! Yes! It was really delish. The wedding was beautiful.. Watching Kayla and Morgan made me really excited to get married. I dont know who he is but i do know I will feel so lucky! I cant wait to have someone look at me like that :) So as I was sitting there watching them dance and thinking all these thoughts.. Miley Cyrus came on! Heck yeah! I was out there dancing with all the little girls. Am i an idiot? Freak yes i am! Then the guy got on the microphone and said, "All you single" Hey that is me! "women" Hey that is also me! "come out to the dance floor cause we will be having the throwing of the bouquet" What?! Oh snap. Oh snap. I ran out there like I was getting chased by a heard of wild antalope! Antalope??? How did i come up with that? Haha anyways I was excited and ran out there. When i got out there they had old, young, little, and big single ladies! 20 girls or so. The chances of me catching them weren't high... Not at all! As she throw them it was like slow motion.. It wasnt coming tourds me at all. It actually bounced off the hands of a little girl and hit me right in the head and then landed right in my hands! AHHH.. I caught it! I caught it all you "katie blog readers" I am getting married. This is seriously the second bouquet i have caught this year! You will all recieve wedding invites! It was so funny cause those little girls are animals. They chased me all around the institute for those flowers. I thought i was gonna get jumped. This weekend has been fun. I go home tomorrow! I was pretty excited.
I am going there some day.. Real soon :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crunchy hair??? Mmm.. My favorite!

Haha! Yes, crunchy hair! I was hanging at my neighbors Tesia, Heather, and Andres apartment and we desided to have kind of a cake/frosting fight! I was just throwing frosting on myself cause nobody was getting me with frosting but it was still so fun! I tried to wash it out but I didnt get it all out.. Now my hair is crunchy! And i went to wal-mart that way??? Holy fudge! I have no self-respect! Our neighbors are awesome. I love all of them!! After the cake fight I also had the random idea to wrap cars with wrapping paper and bows so I went with my roomies, heather and Tesia! We totally got Levi's car. I will post the pictures one day... Some day! I am so happy all my finals are done.. I feel stress free! Well I am gonna go sleep in now!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ugh.. Cleaning! Is it really needed??

Of course it is needed! I think it is time to clean your room when you cant walk without tripping over something! I seriously had to clear a path to get to my bed.. It was sick and wrong! Haha.. I tour it up while i was looking for my keys! I have spent all day cleaning my room!
This is a picture of me cleaning! I am looking into hand modeling! Let me know if you think i have what it takes!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Messiah concert.. Never again!!

The Messiah concert was the most terrible thing I have ever had to experience! Ok.. Maybe I am over reacting but it was pretty bad. The people had talent but nothing I was going crazy over! As I was sitting there I was trying to think of ways I can burn the building down! I was also thinking of things I would rather be doing then going and sitting at a Messiah concert for 2 hours. Here are 10 things I came up with!
1. I would rather Dive into the shallow end of the pool
2. I would rather get eaten alive by a parana
3. I would rather stick a fork in an outlet
4. I would rather eat a light bulb
5. I would rather get sprayed in the eye with PAM
6. I would rather get hit in the head by a baseball bat....10 times!
7. I would rather have a baby pee on my face
8. I would rather give a talk in General Conference
9. I would rather get both of my legs amputated
10. I would rather get my tongue stuck to a pole

That is just a couple I came up with! That was terrible but the rest of the day was pretty fantastic! I went to eat dinner a my friend TomTom's house! He has a huge family and they were all adopted including Him! It was alot of fun. I love that family. My lesson went pretty good too. Alot of the time I feel like the girls are not listening but that could be because it as 9:00 in the morning! That is so early for college...So early! I actually woke up four minutes before I was supposed to be there. That was awesome! I went without make up! Oh and i did tithing settlement! It turns out I am a full tithe payer! I took a picture with the Bishop to celebrate. Me and him. We are pretty tight! Well I think i am gonna go to bed. I havent been feeling well these past couple days! I think it is the stress and I am getting sick. I am jsut ready to go home. Ok I am leaving!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

While I am sitting here eating cereal

While I am sitting here eating cereal out of the bag (cause i cant afford milk) I was thinking about what i have accomplished today! It is my week to do a lesson in Relief Society and being me, Katie Maschue I waiting tell the last second. Saturday afternoon! Typical me. The lesson is on the Holy Ghost and I finally finished it. It should be pretty easy cause I dont get nervous in big groups of people BUT I just feel so bad for all the young singles that have to sit throw it. I feel like it is worse then sitting throw an episode of The wiggles. Have you ever watched an episode of the Wiggles??? I am willing to bet the suicidal rates go up everytime time one of their shows are broadcasted! They always tell me i did a good job on my lesson but mormons are nice! Now that i think about it..... That is all I have accomplished today! Hm.. well at least it is out of the way! I guess I can relax the rest of the day until tonight! There is an EAC basketball game and i am pumped! I love the games here...and i love how they play YMCA and you can get up and dance to it! EAC aint half bad. I kinda really love it!
This Is us doing the YMCA at the game! Hahaha!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Singing in the shower really helps with stress!

I woke up today feeling really freaking stresssed! It could be because I woke up to a call for Jordyn telling me to hurry and get dressed cause we are going to Denny's! Hahaha! That was nice, but really it was nice! Good way to start off the day! Uh.. Well anyways i came home after breakfast and just thought of everything i have to be stressed about: Boys, my little sisters and there decisions, classes, money, bills, friends, and how i cant find my car keys! Ugh.. Then I thought, "Well, hey i can take a shower!" I just want you to know that showers help anything! They are amazing. I dont take them alot..oh but when i do! Ok.. Just kidding! Of course i shower often... I want to look presentable for when and if I meet my future husband! Haha but yeah showers are awesome! I was once asked, "what is your shower song??" I never thought about it until then but my shower song is "Lets get down to buisness" from Mulan! I sing that in the shower everytime! It is funny cause my neighbors below my apartment hear when i sing in the showers! They always make fun of me for it but whatevs. I do what I want when I want! I love EAC and I love my friends here, but i am getting home sick! More then i ever thought i would! Christmas break needs to come already! Well i am going to bed. Night!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

P.S. I am not a moron!

Yes, I realize I spell alot of things wrong and have type-o's and that is cause my keyboard is retarded and the keys get stuck and I also just dont look over what i am writing! Please dont think differently because of my spelling I am an Intelligent person! That is why I use words like "Intelligent" and no i didnt google how to spell it! Hahaha!

I got bit on the butt by ants but that is ok cause i found the man i want to marry!

Meet Mike Tompkins! We are getting married. I have a long list of what i want in a husband and number three on my list is a singer... I have to marry a singer! I mean, I am not gonna die if i dont but it is so addractive! My Mikey poo has talent. Yes, we already have nicknames for each other!! His for me is "sexy chick with a naughty body" Hm.. I guess i dont mind that nick name! So today I went to play tennis with my roommate Kale( By the way she is the worst Tennis player known to man) and we desided to take a break after some intense labor in a game of tennis so we layed down in the grass... It was a nice relaxation (nice word choice) until my whole body felt like it was on fire! Stupid ants were all over me! Kale was cracking up cause i guess it is funny to watch me run around, dancing and taking off any clothing that would be appropiate! Hahaha! I kept yelling, "Im gonna get naked" and kale was yelling, "No, No, No!" Like she didnt want to witness that or something! I dont get it! I went into the bathroom and those pervert ants even made it up my pants! I itch everywhere... yes even my butt! If I ever seen an ant again it is gonna wish it was never born! Kale had some itching cream so i feel alot better now! Ah... It has been an interesting day! Only these things happen to me!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas!

I have always loved Christmas, but not as much as I do this year! I dont know what it is, but I just cant wait! AH..... YES!!! WOOHOO! YIPEE! Haha sorry! That is how i show my excitement through text! All these lessons and talks on Christmas has just got me pumped! This year i have been focusing on all my gifts my heaenly father has given me. Here are acouple:
He has blessed me with many talents! Not very many people can say they know how to fly. That mask was handed down to me from generation to generation starting with my Great Grandfather Luke Skywalker!

He has blessed me with an awesome best friend! Brooke Hammond! She is
So optimistic and is always happy. She is a great listener! I love her.

He has blessed me with another Best friend! Kylie Wilkins! As you can see we are really retared together! She is one of the only girls i know that doesnt get embarassed of my ways. We always have fun and dont care what anyone thinks!

He has blessed me with awesome siblings! They are all amazing! (Jake,Maddie, Kammie, Alex, Abbi, Jessica, and Josh)

He has blessed me with an outstanding Dad (papa bear) Me and my dad have alot in common. He is one of my heros. He is hilarious has always looks for the best in life!

He has blessed me with an awesome Mom. We dont always get along but shoot.. She gave birth to me! Gotta love her. I am so thankful for her and all she does!

He has blessed me with an awesome Boyfriend! Haha... Jk this is just some random hottie on a cruise!

He has blessed me with this amazing, Amazing gospel. It is the best thing in my life. He has also blessed me with the gifts of the temple. I am looking forward to te day i can be sealed with my family for time and all eternity! Love the temple. Love it.

This Christmas i am gonna try really hard to have my mind focused on what Christmas is all about. I hope you do too :)

Still cant sleep..Let it Begin (EFY 2010)

This is one of my favorite EFY song! The message it shares is awesome!

Wow.. Sleep? Do you exist?

It is two o' clock in the morning and i cant sleep! I dont know what it is but I can never go to bed early! I am usually hanging out till really late but there will be sometimes when I lay in bed for hours trying to sleep. I am a thinker. I think about everything and i guess i choose to do that at night. Alot of times I will just lay in bed thinking about the gospel. Honest. If you dont know me to be a religious girl... You dont know me every well! This gopel is my passion. Haha.. I lay here listening to EFY music and I feel like I get something different for the song ever time i listen to it. I am listening to "Let it begin" It is an amazing song! I have a huge album of religious music on my itunes called "better than chocolate". I usually just turn that on when i get in bed. I hate being the only one awake in my apartment! It creeps me out. Alot of times i just want to wake Kale up and make her talk to me. I love talking to Kale. When you first meet her you think she is this shy girl but she is actually alot of fun. We do alot of fun things together! Sometimes we stay up talking forever abut everything and anything! I love all of my roommates! Ah...They are all so different and I love them all the same for different reasons!
This is me and My roommate Jordo! She never lets me forget My worth. I love her! She is a beautiful and taleted Young lady! We love to jam out in the car together!
This is my roommate Kale. We have had alot of adventures. Haha She loves watching me be an idiot. I love her. She is always having fun and one of the nicest girls i have even known!

This is my roommate Denae! She is not what i expected her to be at all. I love her! She makes me laugh! I wish i could see her more cause we get along great but she is so busy! :( She is beautiful, talentd, and smart! I hope she never lets anyone tell her different!

I love college! It is everything i hoped it would be. There have been alot of sad moments for me but i have made alot of friends to cheer me up in those times! I have been blessed this year! I am gonna try to go to bed. It is almost three. That is crazy. If i cant go to bed I will just wake up Kale Bahaha! Night!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Whatcha know bout me..whatcha whatcha know!

Wow! Blogging? Me? I never thought i would want to try it. When i hear about bloggers I instantly think of old ladies that want to post pictures of they're grandchildren after enjoying an evening full of gardening and making casseroles! It is funny how there is a stereotype for everything these days! There is alot to know about me! Well... not so much but lets just say there is! Hm.... I come from a big family? Did you care to know that! Haha. I love my family. I am actually attending college with two of my sisters. Maddie whos is 21 and Kammie who is also 19 (We are twins) I always forget we are twins cause we dont look alike and we dont act alike. People think we are like exactly alike until they get to know us and then they realize we are like opposites, but i love her! Maddie is like my mom! She makes "to-do list" for me! It gets really frustratin but i love both of them! They are huge examples to me and my best friends! I love to amuse people. I actually got Klass Klown for my senior class. I love making people laugh and being myself. Why spend life being someone else! We all have so many blessings whether we realize it or not so i think this is always a reason to be happy. The gospel is so important to me! Today is one of those days you realize you have so much and you feel so blessed to have the truth that you want to repay your Heavenly Father but you realize There is only a few things you can do to repay him and those things are actually benefiting you...Like keeping the commandments! That is so simple. He gave him life for us and that is all we have to do to show our graditude. Simple. I love Jesus Christ! He is my best friends. That old pal will never leave me! He is the Bomb! Well I better go sleep so i can attend the fireside tonight. It is a Christmas broadcast! I am getting so excited for Christmas.. I keep babbling. Ok Bye

This is me and my Sisters! I am the sexy one to the left! Check me out Haha jkjk