Friday, April 13, 2012

Been Missing Out!

Man Have you been missing out on the life of Katie Maschue! I guess I haven't blogged recently because I have been too busy gettin' wasted. 
 Wasted Pic #1
Wasted Pic #2
Wasted Pic #3
Just kidding. I have been partying but not that kind of partying. I just love taking "Wasted" Pictures because I am insanely good at them. (Wasted on three. 1-2-3)
What is new with me? 
* I wasn't able to go to General Conference like I was hoping. I just watched it at the Tute. It was still so amazing though
After Conference Kylie and I have a Picnic at the Temple. I love Conference Weekend. 
* My family moved to Mesa So I spend a day up there with them and went to the Zoo
*I got to go to the Easter Pageant in Mesa with my sisters and some friends!
The end of the show was by far my Favorite. I have goose bumps!
*Gave Blood. Saved a life

*Sent off my missionary!

Now I just need to finish up this last month of school. I am so ready for Summer.
Wish me luck and Happy Friday the 13th