Friday, April 22, 2011

I love my best friend!

My best friend knows me better than anyone else.
My best friend knows that I hate broccoli.
My best friend also knows I had to look up how to spell broccoli because I suck at spelling.
My best friend knows that I love to hike and I love to do outdoor activities.
My best friend knows that I love to sing.
My best friend knows I am scared of spiders.
My best friend knows that my biggest fear is disappointing the ones I love.
My best friend knows that I am Justin Biebers biggest fan.
My best friend knows that I sing/dance like Beyonce
My best friend also knows that I love being with my family.
My best friend Knows exactly what to say and when to say it.
My best friend makes me happy.
My best friend knows my strengths and weaknesses and loves me through them all.
My best friend helps me appreciate the little things in life.
My best friend puts funny situations into my life to make me laugh.
My best friend helps me through all my trials.
My best friend is a great listener.
My best friend is one of my hero.
My best friend is someone that cries for me.
My best friend knows the pleadings of my heart.
My best friend looks past my imperfections.
My best friend is a comforter.
My best friend loves me more than anyone.
My best friend never forgets me.. Even When I start to forget him.
My best friend atoned for my sins.
My best friend died for me.. Personally!
My best friend is my savior.
My best friend is the coolest best friend ever!! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Life as of Now!

Hmm... Whats new.. Whats new... Whats new???
To be honest I never write in my blog anymore cause I feel like explaining everything and letting you in on all the juice would take way too long. So much new shiz has happened. I don't even know where to start. School is good. I wish I could take it more serious.. This is my life you know?? I am always late to my classes so I started this new thing were I go to bed earlier! Who's the genius that came up with that? Oh wait.... It was me! I decided to be in my apartment by 12:30 so I can be in bed before one. I go upstairs to read, brush my teeth and all that important crap you don't care about hearing. It is really working out for me. Student council is so fun. We just had an event i had to help with and it was a blast. It gets me really excited for next year! It will be awesome but also very stressful. I am so broke it is a national joke. On my food shelf I have ramen, peanut butter, rice, and I think I have chicken in the freezer. I want to vomit everytime I smell ramen. I decided money is so temporal. I wish it was not needed to survive and to be happy. Money really kinda does equal happiness and I hate it. Easter is coming up and I am excited for it. It is one of my favorite holidays because you can focus in the Atonement of Christ. He did so much for me personally and it is a time to reflect on it. This year is gonna be kind of a different Easter. I will not be going home and the Easter bunny will not be coming. THat is ok though. I am content. Lets see.. Friends? Ugh.. I love my group of friends but I feel like there is always drama. I hate drama and I try everything I can to sway away from it. I love my roommates but I dont see them much. Jordyn ALWAYS works. I think we are all dying a stripe of our hair tonight though. We are rebels. I am telling ya! Boys? Hm.. When do I ever know what is going on with boys? I decided I am not gonna let people get involved in my relationships anymore though... Cause the last relationship had alot of people involved and it just doesnt help! I miss my family alot but I think I will see them soon. We might go to the Easter Pageant together this week but who knows. So that is the life of Katie Maschue for now! Can you see Why I am so stressed???

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Closest thing to a HOBO!

You know you have reached the poverty level when you....
1. Attend every church activity or event (even if not invited) just to get free food.
2. While at those activities you stuff the leftovers in your purse to take home.
3.  Don't stop at stop signs to preserve gas.
4. Cant afford to wash your clothes so you scratch off the stain or use a washcloth. Gross right???
5. Jack toilet paper from public bathrooms to take home.
(We should have preserved it better)

6. Come up with free activities to do for fun.
 Playing pranks on the guys!
 Break into hotel pools.
 saran wrap cars!
 Go camping.
Go sledding!

7. Go hunting for change in the couch.
Being poor sucks but it makes life pretty interesting! :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I am gonna bust a cap because of this heat!

One thing that gets me really grouchy is the heat. I crave the heat when I have to walk outside in the snow and I feel like I am getting frostbit or when I get a snow ball thrown in my face BUT I hate the heat when my AC doesn't work in my apartment and it is 88 degrees(In my apartment). Everything is kinda ticking me off because of it HAHA. I bought this one dollar Banquet TV dinner that looked delish when I looked at the BS picture on the front but then I opened it and the pizza was smaller than my hand. Ok... Thanks for the free sample! Then It came with chocolate puddling too! What??? Chocolate pudding?? So here I am looking at this opened TV dinner and I have a bit size pizza and a frozen pile of crap! I just dont get how I am gonna cook the pizza with the pudding there too. I dont want warm chocolate pudding but I also do not want a fudgesicle! That situation usually wouldnt tick me off but I was just mad because of the heat. I need to go swimming or something before I either start stripping down or punch one of my precious roommates in the face (Nothing personal.. They are just the closest humans in sight) 
Forget you Banquet.. I am gonna stick with HUNGRY-MAN TV dinners from now on!