Monday, January 31, 2011

Life isn't so grand with a convertible like mine!

                   This was before tractors ruined my life!
Well as most of you know... I backed up into a tractor at the beginning of the school year. WORST DAY EVER! I am still suffering the consequences! Like the days it rains and the days people cant find a trash can and just throw trash through my back window! That is my favorite. Please keep throwing crap into my most prized possession people! Well today I am not dealing with the trash. I am dealing with the rain. Something I have no control over. I woke up thinking it was gonna be a sunny day. I even saw my friend wearing rain boots and I thought she was just alittle confused! "We all have those days", I thought to myself but NO.... It turns out she is actually the weather genius. Either that or she watches the news. I am just gonna stick with the weather genius cause it sounds more epic! So yeah... Today I had class after class so I couldnt run home and get a bag to cover it with. POOP! Me and my car both smell like wet dog now. You know how some girls date guys for their car?? (sorry to break it to you boys)Well I just hope guys dont date girls for their car too cause mine is... Lets just be as nice as possible and use the word unique. So now I have a unique car and smell like wet dog! Yum.Any takers?? Oh I forgot to mention that my car got toilet papered too. Just to let you know... Rain and toilet paper dont go good together. Let me remind you that toilet paper is for butt use only.. Unless I am involved in the prank!I know we all love to play in the rain and I know girls dream about being kissed in it (and if you have a boy toy jump on that) but I am slowly starting to hate the rain because of my ghetto, unique "convertible" car! Boo Hoo to that!  That is ok though because i work it.
Watch out for these! They sneak up on you!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I love Sundays!

I love Sundays. The guy pool in our ward is getting better.. I am not gonna lie! I love that BUT what I love more is the spirit I feel when I go to that building and I am reminded of what is most important. Today in sunday school the lesson was called "To be born again" What do you think of when you hear that? To be born again? I didnt know if this was correct but the first thing I thought of was someone that truly comes to know not only Jesus Christ but the true church. We then watched a movie. It was about a guy that had wavering faith. It was hard to believe in something he couldnt see. The video then showed the life of Christ. All the marvelous things he did while he was physically here on thee earth. It showed how he healed the sick and the blind. It showed how he walked on water. It showed how he could calm the seas. WOW! He is and was amazing!

        During the movie I wrote down things that really stuck out to me. One thing he said that I wrote down was, "No man cometh to the father but by me." There is no other way to return to him unless we have Christ in our life!  Another thing was, "Come unto me and I shall give ye rest." So not only do we need him to return but we need him in our life to find comfort and to be happy! I dont know how many times I have watched movies with the atonement scene in it but EVERYTIME I watch it I cry.. It is something really personal to me! That man is so merciful and I am so thankful for that!

     You wanna know a question I always ask myself? If I was a Nephite when Christ went and visited the Nephites for 3 days. What would I do? How would I act? What would I ask him??
When I look at this picture. I ponder for a long time. I try to figure out which one I would be. The man hiding in the shadows of the building? The man with his hands in his face just sobbing? The man praying? Or the people reaching out to him? I think I would be one of the people reaching out for him But I guess I will never know. Just something cool to think about. Where do you think you would be?? 

Anyways... At the end of the movie it goes back to the man with such little faith and it was talking about how we go through trials to test our faith. You shouldnt have to see something just to know it is there. Jesus said in that video, "Blessed are ye who have not seen but believe."
Hey that is me! Like I said before. I love sundays!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Girl nights heal all sickness :)

I had a sleepover with my neighbors last night and stayed up till 4:30 even though I still wasn't feeling my best! I started the corniest pillow fight and we were all laughing so hard. Every guy I have ever talked to thinks sleepovers consist of pillow fights, facials, painting nails, brushing hair,boy talk, watching chick flicks and eating junk food... and lots of it! Which is true.. Except for the pillow fight parts. I don't see how getting hit in the head with a ball of cotton could be considered fun! Nope! Don't see it! I love having girl nights. Mmmm..... I woke up feeling like I could run a mile... or two.. or three! I am not gonna lie my voice still kinda sounds like a dude! Which is kinda HOTT! Right? Come on. You could at least lie to make me feel better! Today is gonna be awesome. I am feeling a lot better for starters. I also got a call from a good friend of mine that goes to Provo. It was so good to talk to him.. Then I took a shower and sang my usual shower songs! Mostly the Mulan song called "Lets get down to business" that is my favorite to sing in the shower. You all have a shower song. Don't deny it!

I love hanging with boys BUT I am never against a girls Night!

Friday, January 28, 2011

R.I.P. Katie Maschue!

Congratulations!!!! You are all invited. I know you are thinking, "Invited to what?" A birthday party??? No! My Wedding??? Double NO! You are all invited to my funeral. I have been sick for almost four days now. That is never a good sign. It is a deadly sickness called the cold!!!

It is gonna be the best funeral known to mankind. It will probably inspire MTV to start filming funerals instead of those stupid sweet sixteens! I am planning on having Holland go and talk on something inspirational cause he is like my favorite apostle. I am also planning on having Mindy Glendhill and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir go and sing praises unto thee. It should be pretty Legit! 

Then the after party will be even more legit. A lot of it is on the D.L. but I will let you in on a couple things. 
1. It will be held in a circus tent. 
2. Justin Bieber, Beyonce and alot of other really "important" people will be there
3. They will have Krispy Kreme donuts
4. They will have hollister models with hollister smelly goodness on! 
5. They will have waterslides

...and a lot more but I am not entitled to say.
Lets NOT make my funeral a drag.. And lets not wear black! Blah... Wear Red! It is a sexy color!
It was nice knowing you all.. 
Love you! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Theme song...

Have you ever noticed when someone has something to say on facebook..... They choose a song to put on their   status. I never got that. Like when someone gets singles they cant just put, "Yep.. Me, Single!" They have to put, "All my single ladies... All my single ladies.. If you liked then you shoulda put a ring on it!" I guess it is like the new/cool thing to do.

   Well... anyways I woke up this morning feeling like butt! I looked like butt too! Not literally... Thats disgusting! Stupid Kale got me sick. I am gonna jump her today at the park. So if you want to see someone eat dirt be there  at 5 o' clock sharp! Not really...but I have definitely thought about it on several occasions today! I went to youtube and the only song I could find that talked about the way I was feeling was this song:
It isn't in English but the title of the song says enough, "Sick enough to die" I am 95.98% positive it is talking about a girl being sick and the guy is going to help her. Trust me... I studied Chinese five semesters in a row...

My roommates did not care that I am sick at all. I was laying in bed and called them( on the phone) and they never came in.. Ok Kale did a couple of times but she wasnt making me feel better. I wanted her to feed me. Did she??? I dont even want to talk about it cause I might say a curse word. HAHA! After the neglect from my roommates I just stayed in my room listening to "All by myself" as loud as I could make my ghetto laptop go. It is amazing how you can express yourself through songs... Thanks facebook world for helping me realize this!

P.S. The date went really good, and I feeling a lot better now! :) The drink called emergency works wonders!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First impressions!

Sometimes i wish we could all just skip the first impression part of getting to know someone. It always seems like the first impression you get of someone is the complete opposite of who that person actually is. I hate it. I am not gonna lie when I first meet someone I totally judge them from their actions, the way they talk or just the over all vibe they give off! It is stupid but it is something you cant really help. You know??!? We all do it.

 It is HILARIOUS to hear what people think of me when they first meet me. I am not shy at all so when I met someone I just act like how I would around my family or close friends. Most people (at first) are reserved or more shy... Not me! A lot of people think I am funny when they first meet me but then there are those people that are bad at the whole first impression thing! I have had people say they thought I was a really serious girl when they first met me! Me?!?! Serious!?!?! BAHAHAHA! Funny! I have also had those people that think I am weird! Not me BUT totally understandable! This one kid I met a couple years ago said when he first met me he thought I was mentally challenged!! Yeah he thought I was retarded... LITERALLY! I think that is the worst thing I have ever been told. It was a burn. He said that he thought that cause I would mess with the psycho teacher and he thought nobody in the right frame of mind would ever be brave enough to mess with her. Thank goodness he only thought that for a day.. But still! 

I think when we meet someone we should just tell them our whole life story so they dont get the wrong impression! Like this:
"Hi. My name is Katie Maschue. I am 19 years old. I am single, and not looking for anything. I was voted class clown my senior year so dont take anything I say serious Unless I am talking about my family or my religion! I have a huge family and love them. I love being outgoing and hanging out with friends. I am NOT mentally challenge and I am serious when I want to be! I dont get mad easy! Etc...."
Then after that 10 minute introduction ask for their name.
P.S. I am going on a date tonight. Wish me luck with my new introduction skills HAHA!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

El stupido

 Stupid things I have done in the last week:
1. Gave myself a side burn!
Let me explain! Hahaha! I was cutting my bangs and I guess I went a little too crazy. I didn't even notice the side burn until like 24 hours ago! I thought my hair looked hott until yesterday! Yicks! I may look like a he/she now! So if you are confused about my sex... I am a woman! 

2. Painting my face!
The painting face part wasn't stupid but the rash I got after wards was. I was at the game with the paint on my face and it felt like it was on fire. I was picking at it and finally just decided to go to the bathroom and wash it off. I had a huge rash on my face the whole night. Next time I will just use face paint instead of kids washable paint!
Warning: Do not apply to skin. May leave permanent damage! 

3. Wearing a ridiculous hat to a game!
Don't do it. You may or may not get threats! Hahaha!

4. Being nice to the weird kid.
I always thought the girls that ignored the weird kid were such "B" words but they actually did the smart thing.. I am always the girl that is nice to the weird kid and I am finally discovering it is probably not the smartest thing to do. They fall in love with anyone that gives them enough attention. So It is important to be nice but not too nice.. I guess i don't know where the line is drawn! 

5. Not going to bed at a reasonable hour
It is so hard to go to bed at a reasonable hours. I feel like all my friends play the role of Satan.. Without even meaning to. "Hey lets watch a movie!", "Lets do something crazy!", or "You are going to bed this early?!?!" Ok Satanic friends of mine... Yes maybe I will go to bed early. These words are easy to type but when it comes down to the actual scenario we all know that I wont be able to resist. I guess sleep is not meant for me. I know I need it but lets face it... having fun is sometimes more important when you do stuff like this:

Wrestling in those Chinese thong suits!
Building a fort with My sisters and friends!
Playing with roommates!

Going to the basketball games... Where I can look at Devon! The hottest black man known to man! 
Jungle fever BABAY!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Must suck to be YOU!

So last night was alot of fun! Dave invited me to my neighbors house to build a fort. I love building forts. I actually just made one over break with my like brother and sister!
This one was kinda lame cause we had no room to do it! Haha!
So.. Anyways when Dave invited me I came up with a better idea. How bout we have a fort building competition??? I got my girls together and he got Logan and the competition was on! It was so fun... We worked on ours forever. Logan and Dave kept trying to spy on us and our fort but we were too ninja! They just couldnt handle it! Long story short..... We won! They were good sports about it. Being huge losers must have really sucked. Hm... Sucks to be you! So after that was over and done with I came up to my apartment to go to bed and my neighbors run up and hand me my keys! MY KEYS! Haha! They were missing for 2 months straight and they ended up being inside there couch! It just swallowed my keys! Ugh... You should have seen me when I saw them. I was jumping around doing moves I didnt know I had. I went cruising around at like one in the mornings... Just so I could drive it! I had missed Yoda(my cars name) alot!
They are adorable! Haha! We look so happy. Them?? Not so much!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My milkshake brings all the boys the yard.

No actually I don't have any milkshakes and I am not bringing any boys to the yard(I dont even have a yard)... I just thought that sounded like a great attention grabber! So I don't have anything to say for once, and neither do I have a desire to say anything. Weird huh? Today was a great day! Devotional. Ice cream. Zumba. Oh... We went around howard's to every apartment to meet new people. I hung out with a really cool group of cool guys! It was fun.. Oh speaking of guys I have some frustration regarding men but I don't want to put it on here for the public! If you want to know about it bad enough just call me or something! HAHA! Besides that I love my life! Thatcher is my favorite place! I love my roommates. I just love everything about EAC!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh.. .So that is what a city is like!

The last 24 hours have been so fun! Me and Kale went with Jordyn to the valley cause she had to get her braces  tightened! 
This was the start of our first journey away from home as roommates! 
Kale slept the whole entire way and I dont know how she did it! This is what she had to deal with!

It was so funny cause Jordyn has this aunt that always lets us stay with her and her family and their house smells like poop... LITERALLY! You walk in and you get a big whiff of butt! It is really gross but funny. Kale was not prepared cause she has never experienced it.. Lucky me! I have... SO I brought tons of perfumes and lotions. The second the family left the room I pulled that junk out and smeared it all over under my nose and under Kales nose! She couldnt stop laughing but I was really serious about this!

You might think I am over exaggerating about this but I am most definitely not. Those kids are still learning to aim for the toilet or something! 
I had to come up with sneaky techniques to cover my nose so I wasnt obvious about the awful smell.
 This Is the first technique and the most used technique called the "pondering "technique
The "scratching nose" technique
 The "Scratching back" technique
The "bloody nose" technique
The "HARDCORE bloody nose" technique
And last but not least... The "praying" technique!
I got desperate! 
I also got to see my best friend Kylie. I love her! We have so much fun together. She had to go up to Mesa to get her braces tightened also! Mmm... I love her!
She slapped my leg really hard in like the first hour I saw her. IF you cant see the welt you have my permission to zoom in some how! Is there a "zoom in" button on here?? I dont know!
Last night when we arrived we just hung out with kylie and all the other family members in the Wilkins family. They have some awesome cousins! When It came time to go to bed we aired up the mattress and Kale and I slept on it. I realized I am the kind of girl that needs her own bed. I think when I get married I am gonna purposely fight with my husband before bed so he will have to sleep on the couch! Ah... I am just kidding! The air mattress was so annoying though. It would sink us in and I would end up on top of Kale. Sorry kale! I guess that is why your face looks like that now. Ah.. Also kidding kale. YOU are beautiful! 

The Next morning at the Dentist office:

Showing off our teeth! Haha!

 Corny Friend Picture! 
 Nice doin business with you! 
 Found the stash of Alcohol in dentist office!
This is what alcohol can do to you :) 

Shopping later that day:

We went to Hobby Lobby and then we went to the Mall. Ok I have decided Hollister is the most pointless store in the world. Getting one shirt is like the price I paid for all the close in my closet put together. Also, If you were to take away all the immodest clothing... Hollister would be left the size of a lemonade stand! Yuck! I was trying to debate if a certain piece of clothing was shorts or underwear! I later found out it was a pair of shorts when I saw a girl walking around the mall in them.. I mean who would walk around the mall in their underwear? They had to be shorts! But anyways the mall was fun. I always have fun with my roommate and Kylie!

We ended the trip by going to the Mesa temple! It was probably my favorite part. My camera died so I couldnt take pictures :( but I still had an awesome time. We watched the Joseph smith movie and of course I balled. I always do! Joseph Smith is my hero. When I entered the gates of the temple I got so excited! I really hope I can get married in the Mesa temple. I mean any temple would be great but THE MESA TEMPLE is my dream.I have alot of memories there! If I want to get married there I have to do it in the next two years cause it is closing in 2013 for along time. It is going under construction! Either that or I have to wait.. forever to get married! Ah whatev....The lord knows whats instore!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

That would win my heart..

Mmm... For all you girls, does your face hurt??? From smiling?? You have my permission to watch this ten more times but only 10 cause by the 11th it kinda makes you a creeper! It is understandable. For all you guys(If I have any guys that read my blog regularly), You have my permission to also watch this ten more times so you can learn his ways! I know singing is one of my favorite things in a guy and this guy isnt very good BUT this it just too cute to not love.

Haha... It is kinda funny I am watching this movie on Sunday.. Especially since I gave the lesson in relief society and it was on keeping the sabbath day holy.. Im awesome! Me and my roommates are actually traveling to the valley today too.. I dont know if that is very holy. I love my calling, and I love Sundays! I hope you all have a great day :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shake what yo Mamma gave you!

Well I did indeed shake what my mamma gave me! Thanks for giving me something to shake mom cause I had a blast at the institute dance last night. Man... I had to take a break like every 10 minutes. So.. Either I am out of shape or I was out of control. It was so fun! I think I danced every slow song too! Usually I try to avoid the slow songs cause there is always a chance you get someone awkward... Someone sweating out of control... or someone that dances incredibly close! Mmm... I took the chances and actually had the privilege to dance with someone with all three of the above! It was a bad 3 minutes. A long 3 minutes. I was coming up with everything to say. I finally left the talking up to him. Nothing! NOTHING! He had nothing to say! You could at least ask me the color of my tooth brush or what my favorite food is. My tooth brush is actually blue and my favorite for is Mexican... I know you were all dying to know! Anyways.... That part was bad BUT the rest of the people I danced with were so fun. Oh my gosh!! There was this handicap boy that I danced with. I left that dance with tears in my eyes. It was so sweet and so sad. The boy took twice as long to say what he wanted to say but every word was worth the wait. He told me he was handicap and I made sure to say, "Well, You are the coolest handicap I have ever met!" He got a huge smile on him face. It made his night. He also talked about how we was never supposed to walk again and It was a miracle that he could walk... It was truely a miracle! At the end of the song he bowed done on one knee. I could tell it physically hurt him to do it but it was so important to him. I wish there was more guys like that :)

                                    IT was an awesome night and my dance moves were the shiz!

Friday, January 14, 2011

I am an EFY music junkie!

It is so funny cause I was on my itunes today and I saw that the #1 played song was "I am his daughter"! A song for the 2010 EFY CD. What is really funny is the #2 most played song was a Flo rida song. That is like way opposite! Haha! I love this song. It is so uplifting! I love to blast this when I am home alone.. I scream it as loud as I can and dance around the livingroom! It might be a scary sight so try not to picture it! There are so many different lines I love in this song. I love how it says"There is so much more to me. He helps me see that I have so much to offer! and I LOVE "...and when Im feeling small and wondering if I'll ever have courage to stand strong.. Through his love I'll remember!" Dude.. How can you hear that song and those words and not want to dance around my livingroom with me too. Mmm.. I love this gospel and all the truths it holds! And... I love Flo rida! Haha.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The past 168 hours!

Haha! Just in case you were wondering 168 hours is a week. I just feel smarter when I use numbers! This week has been pretty busy. My grandma is ok! Well I wouldnt say she is ok, but she is alive! I hope she will be ok. We said bye just in cause she will be seeing Jesus soon! We spent alot of time with her in the hospital. I kinda had some fun at the hospital. Everytime I got on an elevator i acted like it was like my first time and the nurses and doctors were so freaked out. It was hilarious!

It was a really fun trip at the same time cause I got to hang out with my cousins! They get alittle clingy to me. Just me! Not my sisters. I dont know why they love me so much. Maybe it is cause I am a little kid at heart! After like 3 hours with them I start to go insane. When I get to the insane stage I say, "Lets play hide N' seek" just so I can sit in the bathtub for an hour to get a break from them.. They never find me! I always checked the bathtub when I was little. Haha flippin' idiots!
This is me with Annie and Tommy! They are the oldest in the fam!
This is Annie and Phillip! Phillip is the most wild
I am not gonna lie i debated punching him in the head, knocking him out and then just telling his parents he wanted to take alittle nap!! 
This girl I am holding is Jillian! I know it is uncool to choose favorite cousin BUT.......
She is so cute and so much fun. I want a red head so bad someday! If I have a daughter without red hair I just might dye it haha
Me and Kammie got bored at my dads house and just tried on all his hats! HAHA He had some funky hats!

The rest of the trip in the valley just involved shopping, shopping and shopping! I never want to go shopping again! When I got home I made Jordyn sit down and watch me do my modeling show! I was shaking my stuff down the runway (hallway) while listening to Mr. Roboto! She loved all my new clothes! Since I have been back I have hung out with alot of different people. I am gettign to know some more really cool people. I went to a bonfire, movies, and a Kick butt dance party to get the semester goin. It was way fun!

These are my white girl dance moves. I am willing to bet those black guys are making fun of my dance moves. Whatev! Haha!

Oh and also... I am inlove with a show called Prison Break! I love it. I am really addicted! My neighbors downstairs introduced it to me! There is a guy in the show and he is like the hottest guy I have ever laid eyes on! He is beautiful.
Oh baby! :D
That is about all that has happened this week. I just have to say.. I love Thatcher!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My poor Granny :(

My Grandma is in the hospital again. Poor Grandma! She has been in and out for awhile now. We are expecting her to pass away in the next couple days :( It makes me so sad! She has been suffering for a long time so it is also a blessing... I love her! Keep her in your prayers Please.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bye Bye 2010!

Events and memories that happened in 2010:

         This was all the youth of my home ward! I had a great ward in 2010!

        Ughh... Having to babysit my brother and his friend Coby everday!

           Getting a tattoo on my19th birthday! It was as rebellious as it gets!

All the adventures I had with friends ( Fancy dinner at mcDonals, Cruise, sleepovers, Games, trips, ocean!)
The boys I almost had relationships with but wouldn't just go for it (I had a couple of those in 2010) Im a picky one :/ HAHA!
My job a Dairy queen! I worked there in 2008-2010 and also got fired in 2010! Best thing that ever happened to me(the getting fired part)

                              Homecoming with Austin Gregory :)

                                         My Senior prom!!!

                      Graduation!!! Woohoo! Class of 2010!

Seminary Graduation! I was so pumped to get that diploma!

I left for Thatcher August of 2010! It has been the best experience if my life! I love it and I love the Gila Valley Temple! I have it three minutes away from my house. What a blessing. I try to go at least once a week :)

These are my roommates at college! I have made ALOT of friends in Thatcher since August! I love them all.

By far the best week at EAC! Kirby Heyborne came for a concert and he also came to Devotional... Ah.. Guess who had to say the prayer that day???? guess!! Me fools! I was so nervous and I was so happy he was there that I made the whole flippin'prayer about him. After wards he said thanks for the prayer and laughed. I dont blame him. It was the worst prayer know to man. Nick made me say it :( My great friends fromEFY also came up to see his concert and spent the night! It was a blast!
This was us at the concert! They are so much fun to be around. I love them BUT I love Kirby more and If you dont know who Kirby is.. get the freak off my blog!

That is just a couple of things that went on in 2010! It was a good year BUT I am super pumped for 2011!
Bring it on!!!