Friday, December 30, 2011

Rachael Ray, Get out the way!

I would never lie to all you blog readers out there so I am gonna start off by saying... I was a bad cook. Keyword: WAS a bad cook. But a lot has changed in the past week. I used to burn eggs and stink up the whole house for hours. I also used to try and be creative with my ramen by trying to make it into a stir fry. Did it ever work??? H*** NO! I was sick of being bullied for my disability so I decided to stand up and make a change.
This picture will inspire you all.
You may be wondering what I decided to call this. This is called Hamnoochoompea Casserole. After hours of pondering what I should call it I decided to take part of every ingredient added and make it into a name. What?? That is what *NYSNC did when they need to come up with a name for the band.
1. Hamburger
2. noodles
3. Cheese
4. Mushroom (Cream of)
5. Peas
Thee Photo Shoot
The Volunteers (Victims)
I have never seem a more excited group of people in my life. I didn't even have to force them to eat it.
 Cough. Cough.
What a supportive family. Always there to help me reach my dreams!

Ending results. Make way for this Future Homemaker of America!

Monday, December 12, 2011

My nasty nasty!

The Nasty Cry Face!
I am a little worried my face is permanently going to stay like this. It is the only facial expression I have been making for the past week. 
"Hey Katie! Are you ready for finals??" They got "the nasty cry" face. 

"Hey Katie... I am an old man that thinks I am in charge because I wear neon colored vests." He got "the nasty cry" face.
That man always lets 5 million little kids cross the road every time he sees my car coming. I know I honked at the kids to walk faster... But that was one time! 
"Hey Katie! I am gonna drop you from my class because you never show up!" Guess what face they got? "The nasty cry" face. Yeah thats right. Dont ever give me a "W" again you old saggy sag.
"Hey Katie, Wanna make out?" I didnt get asked this question but if i did they would even get "The nasty cry" face because I am not drooling over boys at Eastern Arizona College this semester and I am in a nasty cry face kind of mood.
Sooo EXCITED for Winter Break! Please come quick!