Sunday, August 7, 2011

Love/Hate relationships!

I have been loving spending time with the family these last two days. The cousins are driving me crazy at times because they are clingy but I have found affective ways to handle these situations. Haha! It got them to leave the alone for awhile.

Situation: Julianna Talking my ear off.
Way of handling: Repeat everything she says back to her. It drives her crazy!

Situation: Julianna trying to get me to go do/play something.
Way of handling: Tell her I accidentally ate dog food and now I can only speak Dog and I cant understand humans. She got so annoyed of me barking at her every time she came around.

Situation: Tommy and Annie wanting me to play soccer.
Way of handling: Kick the soccer ball over the fence every time and make them get it. They didnt want to play anymore after about ten minutes.

Situation: They all want to play hide in seek.
Way of handling: Hide in the bathtub (they never look there) even after they give up! I stayed entertained by texting and just hearing the frustration in their voices, "Ugh.... WE GIVE UP!" I could have sat in there all day if it meant getting a break from them.

These are alot of the cousins. Not all of them are included in this picture and not all of them are driving me crazy. Only like three cousin make me wanna kill myself! I am only half way through the week I will probably come up with more ways to get rid of them. Hahaha!
 It has been good seeing my Dad! Gonna love the Papa Bear!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Guess whos back Sucka!??

Katie Maschue is back. Sorry I haven't made an effort to tell you all what is going down in my life. Please forgive! I dont have internet at my house so when I DO get a internet connection I usually get it from parking lots. McDonalds, Starbucks, the institute building??? You name it! I feel like I am a total creeper on my laptop outside someones work So... I usually Facebook it up alittle and peace out before anyone calls the police! I promise you are not missing out on much though. I work. I come home. sit on a couch for a couple hours. eat. Go to bed and then start over the next day! Summer in Thatcher stinks. I am super pumped for school. I was actually able to get away from Thatcher for acouple days. I am in the Valley visiting family. I get so bored on the ride and that is usually when I get ready for the day cause I never have time to do it before we leave! Today I was brushing my teeth and I did the stupidest thing... My mouth was full of the gross foamy toothpaste stuff so I rolled down the window and spit it out. The crap went all over my hair and face. When i stuck my face back in the car i wiped my face and went to get it out of my hair and it was already crusty. I grabbed my brush and started brushing the paste out of my hair. Suprisingly I do not have any bald spots from brushing so hard but my hard in nappy now! Not my favorite. I am hoping for a good week away from Thatchnasty.