Saturday, October 29, 2011


I was pondering what I wanted to be this Halloween. Then it came to me! BAM! I am going to be a hobo. I knew that would be an easy costume because I am the step right above being a hobo! Life as a college student can be hard finacially. I know all about smelling like old tacos and not washing your clothes. Ok not really... But still! To be a legit Homeless person you absolutely have to have a shopping cart. Me and Kale went through He** trying to get one. First we couldnt fit it in my little car. Then We would almost get caught and I cant have that SHIZ on my record.

This wasn't the only attempt. Trust me!

Three Things I have learned through this experience

1. There are alot of stickers outside Howards place. Beware! 
2. Obama really does care for every heart of America. Like Obama we want change!
3. Even homeless people get some action!