Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm my own BOSS!

Things at Oasis have slowed down a lot. I guess people are starting to realize we take the easy way out and microwave the hot dogs sometimes! I have been working by myself a lot lately because it gets so slow. At first i didn't like being alone at work because I love being around people but I am really starting to like it now. I think I get a little too comfortable sometimes. I go into work wearing the dress code My boss gave us but the second everyone leave I pull out my bag. In this bag I have basketball shorts, a T-shirt, flipflops, and snacks! When I dont have customers I stay really busy by doing the following...

1. I work really hard making snowcones and ice cream. Then I realize nobody is there to eat it except for me! Dang it! It gets sooo hard eating it all by self.
2. I go on facebook. My hands are so cold and numb from making so many snowcones so I HAVVVE to go on facebook and use the keyboard to exercise and stretch out my fingers from all the pain.
3.I watch The Bachelor Pad (I have finished both seasons). I only do it because the people on that show have great social skills. I am doing it for my customers. I want to know how to hold a conversation with them.
4. I make cool signs. I do this to help the business.
 Yes,  I kept the money I got from this side job (singing), but Oasis will get more and more business when people find out there is a girl that will sing to you that sounds just like Beyonce! I am doing it for all you Oasis Employees. I made 9 dollars and 28 cents last night. SCORE!
5. I go on youtube . I have learned so many different ways to dance.
This is called the Cat Daddy!
This is called the Spongebob!
I learned both of these so I have some dance moves when I am singing to the customers for tips! I am so thoughtful right??
           I <3 Ice cream
I need to find a job that doesnt ask too much of me! I just wish life wasnt so hard all the time. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Top Dog!

My family is top dog! You should all find a way to marry into my family because my family is the best! I know Heavenly father took a lot of time to hand pick my family. He knew that we would all help each other with one thing or another through out our lives. I hope one day my family can receive the blessings of being sealed for all time and eternity. I am okay with being stuck with those Mexicans for eternity and my Mom deserves it! She is such a great person! I miss them sooo much! I feel like I am missing out on so much! Alex has a boyfriend she has been dating for four months (Haha she has me beat) and they just went to Homecoming together! Is she seriously a Junior?? Abbi just entered High school this year and is a freshmen! What?? Jessica is in eighth grade and is staying super involved in sports. Joshy is in fifth grade I think? Okay that makes me sad! I am missing out on so much of my families life because I am starting my own life! I am starting my second year away from home! Last year I rarely got homesick But I get home sick all the times this year! I think it is just cause I realize They are growing up and progressing and I am not there to see it. A little boy came into Oasis the other day with crap on his face and a dirty shirt. He was making violent sounds and running around! He reminded me of Josh! I was driving home and the middle schoolers were walking in front of my car. Usually this will piss me off but one of the girls was wearing a softball uniform and she had long blonde hair. She reminded me of Jessica! Everytime I see a fashionable shirt or a freaking cute neckless I think of Abbi. She has the best fashion. The other day I heard "Big brown eyes" on the radio! That reminded me of Alex. She has big brown eyes and used to always sing it. Everything reminds me of my mom! Movies, songs... You name it. Just last night I saw these crackers in the store. My mom always gets them for special occasions like Christmas or thanksgiving. I thought of my mom and how she gets sooo into Holidays. I think Heavenly father puts little things in our lives to help us remember what is most important. I love my family! Even though I am missing out on a lot of their lives I am here at EAC starting my life so One day I can have a family just like my own :)
It is hard to focus on the most important things when Life is moving so fast, BUT slow down and you will notice the small things that matter most!
P.s. I love my sisters Kammie and Maddie! But I see them everyday so its whatever. Haha!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Can you hear me now?? Good!

Can you hear me now?? I wish I could hear you now because that just means you sexy version employees are calling me up. Another Version worker came into my work wanting the lunch special today and he was beautiful. I will make you a hotdog any day sugar lips! Have you ever noticed that every version worker is gorgeous, has amazing style, and smells delicious! If you havent noticed.. You better take your phone it for a check up or something! Just say, "The calling hasnt been working. You should try calling me from your phone!" When the call goes through just say "Wow.. You fixed it somehow!" He will feel like a manly man for "fixing" your phone and you will get his number. Make sure to put his name as "Sexy Version Man" in your phone or you could always just get his name off of his name tag Hmm?? Haha I get an up grade on my phone pretty soon so I should go into the store to scope out the new phones (You know what I will really be scoping out) Haha!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This eventful period in life.....

Okay.. Quick question for you! What the heck is my deal? I never blog anymore. This is a very eventful time in my life and I need to be sharing! Haha It is so weird to think that in the next couple years I will have my career and probably be married. Everyone says when you know... You know! How do you know??? Is there a pillar of light shining above your significant other and a little Marvin Gaye playing in the background? I don't think I will have that experience for awhile.. Thank goodness! My bishop is trying to hook me up with this sexy RM in my ward though. Bishop Allen wants me to get with someone more then I do! Well I will try to find time to fit you into my schedule so you can hear about all the things happening in this life of mine. Life is busy but life is good :)
I hope my significant other doesn't have a happy trail like this dude...
If you are ever with a guy and this song comes on... I think it is a sign and you need to marry him! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I need to choose this day!

The start to this year has been a blast. I love it! I am in Student Council and it is time consuming but I like it alot! I am a full time student and I am taking classes that will help me get to where i want to go. I have a job! Getting a job in Thatcher can be rather hard. Even though making snowcones gets really old at least I have a job I can go to and receive what little money I can. I have a lot of blessing right now if you haven't noticed but because I am so busy with school, work, friends and student council I am forgetting to do the most important things! That things that will give me eternal blessing! I am forgetting to read my scriptures everyday and sometimes I forget my prayers. Sometimes i think to myself and say, "Heavenly father is understanding! He knows that I am very busy and will find time to do those things some other time!" He is very understanding but is it really showing my love for him?? I dont think so. This gospel is the most important thing in my life and I need to show that through my actions! Someday is over... I choose today Suckas! HAHA!