Saturday, June 18, 2011

Breakfast at McDonalds! Ohh... Yeah!

I want you to think for a second... What is the first thought that comes into your mind when you wake up?? Is it, "Omg.. This morning breathe is killer", "I really need to go to the bathroom", "I am HUNGRRRRY!!!", or maybe just a random thought. Well... One of the first thoughts that pops into my mind every morning when I wake up is, "Did I make it in time for breakfast at McDonalds?!" I am not even gonna lie..70% of the time I am too late.What??? Breakfast ending at 10:30 is a little crazy! I think they should just have breakfast all day long! Hahaha Anyways... My best friend Kylie finally moved in and we both woke up pretty early on a beautiful Thursday morning.. We were both laying in bed and she looked at me in desperation and said, "You wanna know what I feel like??" Please say sausage egg McMuffin.. Please say sausage egg McMuffin! "What is that Kylie?" "I feel like breakfast at McDonalds." She LITERALLY read my mind. Well not literally but still... I asked what time it was and kylie said it was 10:19. We can still make it! So Kylie, Jordyn and myself ran around the house looking for money and shoes as fast as we could. Do you feel like you are there? Then.. We ran down the stairs I didnt find shoes or money but luckily I keep money in the car. I pilled out of there like it was nobodies business! Speeding down main street flipping off cops that try to pull me over... Ok no cops were involved but it was still so intense. When we arrived I asked, "Did we make it into for breakfast????!" Her reply was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I started singing the "I am inlove with a McDonalds girl" song to her. I hope she didn't listen to the words too closely cause I dont really roll that way. They had me pull up to the main window to pay. By the way.. Sausage egg mcmuffins are so expensive. When I was a kid (I can say that now) I remember them being a dollar. Mmm.. They were so good... You would think that I would nibble at it to savor the flavor and make it last but nope.. I downed that thing. I hope I can wake up in time to experience it again someday!