Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thee Wedding Crashers!

Well Kale and I are usually really good kids that stay out of trouble by reading books and doing puzzles for fun (Lets be real... Who really does that), BUT lately we have been punks that run from the cops and all that stuff so we thought maybe we should go to the temple. We get to the temple and the church next to the it is packed. Cars everywhere. We see a car that says, "Just hitched" on the back and I instantly looked at kale.
 "Dude... You wanna check it out??" She nervously said it was up to me! Needless to say, We went to check it out. We where both so scared that the bride was gonna jump us so we were avoiding any lady we saw in white. We were just gonna get food and peace out. I saw a little boy and I asked him who's wedding reception this was for and he said it was his mom's. Great! We would run into the child of the bride haha! Then I asked, "What is your moms name?" He said it was Bonnie. Me and Kale walk to the line for the nachos and this lady looked at us with a confused look but still said Hi. We replied and quickly turned our heads. To fit into this setting me and kale started making up stories about how we always hang out with Bonnie and we are so happy for her. "Who the freak is Bonnie" is what we were really thinking. We didnt see any lady in a wedding dress! Only little kids running around. As we were making up these stories the son of the Bride walked up to the lady in front of us and hugged her! We thought it was cute until he said, "MOMMY!" WHAT???!?! That was the bride. She heard all those stories made up about her. No wonder she looked so confused. It is hilarious cause the photographer was walking around taking pictures of us with the Bride and we didnt even know that was the freaking Bride. I guess she wasnt feeling the white dress. We hurried, got our food and went to go sit at the farthest table from her and her new husband.
The things we do for Food! Yummiest Nachos!
Bonni and Jay! We wish you well, and if you ever find this blog post I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive us! :) P.s. Sorry these pictures aren't the best quality! They were taken on a phone that was made in like 1965.