Sunday, March 20, 2011

Something I stumbled across.

Another Sunday. Another spiritual thought.
Today I was thinking about what I could write. Usually I just write about something I learned at church.. Today I didn't feel inspired to tell of anything I learned. Instead I want to talk about the Book Of Mormon. It is so important to me. This year I got really good at reading my scriptures but then recently I started slacking because other things got in the way. Student council, school, church activities, homework, money, staying up late... etc! I knew I was slacking but I thought that I could catch up later... When the "more important" things are taken care of. This is a video I stumbled across right when I needed it
After watching this i realized how selfish I had been. "More important things" ??? Did Joseph Smith Put "more important things" before the Book Of Mormon? No! He gave his life so I could have this book and read and learn from it. When you are slacking like I have been just think of all the things Joseph Smith and the pioneers went through just so we could have this book. The book of Mormon is true and I feel so blessed to have it in my life :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

They're (Maddie and Kammie) hard to beat!

Maddie- She is my hero. A lot of who I am is because of her! She is an incredible example. You know that saying, "Living off your parents testimony!"?? Well.. I didnt live off of my parents testimony. I lived off of Maddies! If ever I had wavering faith I would go to Maddie and tell her of my questions and concerns. Her responses were always comforting! I have always wanted to be just like her. She is the most selfless person I know. She never makes it about her. At the end of last semester I was going through something that made me pretty sad. Maddie was always there. She would go and get me Orange Juice and walmart donuts(Yummiest treats in the world) She always knows what to say to make you feel better. Maddie is beautiful inside and out. I have always been envies of her appearance! She is the kind of beautiful that is hard to find these days. She is modest and virtuous. She is that kind of girl that you  know her standards before you even meet her. She is the kind of girl that makes you want to be better. Maddie also knows how to have alot of fun. I have so much fun with her. She loves everyone and is always up for anything. Talk about positive right? Whoever Maddie marries will feel like they dont deserve her and the truth is they probably wont deserve her. They will feel lucky because Maddie is unique and 1 in a million! I love her.

Kammie- This is my twin. People always ask me how I like being a twin. To be honest I forget we are even twins until I look back to when we were younger. Kammie was always my best friend. I didn't even care about having other friends. I just wanted to hang out with her. It was honestly so cool to have her in the same grade. We always had each others backs. my senior year I was really bad at praying and reading my scriptures, but I remember coming into the room and see her reading her scripture and It really made me want to be better. Kammie also wants to be a religious singer for a living. Are you kidding me??? That is amazing. Talk about sharing talents. She will be able to bring people closer to the gospel through her music. I am able to see her triumphant testimony through what she is singing. She is a great missionary. She is never scared to stuck up for what she believes to be right. In fact... Kammie is not scared of anything. She doesnt care what people think and that is one of the things I love about her. She is who she is and she is not gonna let anyone tell her different. She makes friends really easy and is always making people feel good about themselves. Kammie is gorgeous. She can wake up and get hit by a bus and she will still be looking good. Kammie is extremely talented. I get pretty jealous because she is good at everything she tries. I love her so much!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Near death experience!

I lived to tell the story... So I guess I should probably tell the story now
During this story I want you to feel like you are there! This is exactly what my face looked like through (almost) the whole experience!

Ok.. So I left my class early. What?? It was an emergency! I needed a snow cone. Now just because it was an emergency doesn't mean I was being a wreckless driver. I had my seatbeat on and I was going the spend limit. I was just trying to switch over to another lane and this car came out of no where! I almost hit this car! It was so intense but what made it more intense was the lady in the car. She was a crazy Navajo lady.
When you google angry Navajo. This is what you get, and the lady actually kinda looked like this too! She pulled up next to me and was using bad language, honking and flipping me off. I just looked over at her and gave her a smile. I think that made her more mad cause she got louder! I have just always been told a smile is
 contagious. I have also been told I have a beautiful smile. What the "H"? I wasn't trying to be a smart ace or anything. Ok! Maybe I was. Anyways she just followed me around town for 15 minutes. No joke! If I didn't need both hands on the wheel and a foot on the Gas/brake... I would have mooned her. It got to be a little too much so I would just go on dirt roads and "leave" her in the dust. She finally just got tired of it and stopped following me. Oh my goodness! It was so scary. I debated calling my family and say my goodbyes!
Needless to say I still got my snowcone.. 15 minutes later!

Monday, March 7, 2011

A little good in everything.

It is so hard, BUT I am trying this new thing where I look for the best in everything AND everyone. It helps you realize there is a little good in everything! Even if I dont like anything about someone.. I come up with the most random things like, "They wear a seat belt in the car so they are prbably one safe individual" or " They are probably really good toast makers" haha but who isnt good at making toast? The toaster does all the work.
Incase you didnt know...
How to make toast:
1. Access a toaster( looks similar to the object above)
2. Access 2 pieces of bread (Or one if you want to be alittle girl)
3. Gently place the bread into this object called the toaster
5. Press down on the button
6. Choose a tempt. (1-5)
7. Wait for the toast to come popping up
8. Apply butter and jam of your choosing
9. Eat and enjoy
I just got these instructions down last week.

No, but really. Being positive really helps with alot of things. My family is having a hard time with a couple of things and looking for the best in those situations has made a good impact!
Max (the one of the left) just past away yesterday! Where do you find the good in that? My family is pretty upset.. but at least.. At least Max is in Dog heaven now, right?? It is a real place. Havent you seen, "All dogs go to heaven"? Get with the program people! Haha.

Friday, March 4, 2011

My family is the shiz!

I am really missing my family! If any of my family members are reading this right now their jaws have probably dropped. I never thought I would miss them this much! I remember always saying I was so.... excited to move out and not deal with them anymore! What was I thinking??? Lately, If i am not thinking about them or texting them... I am telling stories about them! I have a really crazy and dis-functional family (what family is actually normal though)! Before I moved out I always wanted my family to be more normal and like "other families" but I realized I love mine just the way they are. God sent me to this family for a reason. To learn and to grow! We have faced alot of trials together but I think the trials have only brought us closer :)
This is me and my Mom. We have become way closer ever since I moved alway but we have always been really close. I think sometimes I forget how much she loves me! haha. She has been through alot and it was all for me. She is the strongest woman I know. I am so proud of her. She is my hero! 
This is me and Maddie. I love her. I tell her everything. We are not as close right now but I am planning on knowing her for a long time(like my whole life)... So we have time! She is the peacemaker and always puts everyones feelings before her own.
This is me and Kammie. She is my twin. I have been with her since Birth. That is along time right??? We are really differnt but we know how to have fun with eachother. She is beautiful... and we can all see that.
This is me and Alex. We were never that close until my senior year. She became my best friend! She is so sweet. She is really shy when you first meet her but when you get her out of her shell... You cant get her to shut up! jk jk I love it! She is a risk taker.. and that scares me!!!!
This is me and Abbi. She is a goofball. She thinks she knows how to rap! That is uh... interesting! SHe is really fun and girly! She always has all the boys after her. She is friends with everyone. She loves to read, watch tv shows and all that crap!
This is me and Jessi. I think we are the most alike. She always wants to be doing something crazy and fun. She makes friends really easy and doesnt worry about what others think. I love her!
This is me and Josh! He is hilarious! I love hanging out with him. I miss him so much and I am always telling stories about him. He is a strong boy but can also be very sensitive! I am not gonna lie I want to hurt him alot of the time.. But most of the time I just want to play with him. He is my best friend (pretty much)

P.S. I forgot my oldest brother jake. I love him but I dont have a picture! 
I also forgot my dads! But they know I love them :)
I love my FAMILY! They are the best.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today is an important day!

Today is March 1st! Do you know what that means??? Yes... It is Justin Biebers birthday! Yes... April fools is in exactly a month.. Yes... It is the 60th day of the year (unless it is a leap year... In that case it is the 61st day of the year) 
but... Best of all!
Water aerobics started today!!! Woohoo! I had that class last semester and it was my favorite class SO I decided to take it again but this time I have it with my roommates!

My bathing suit is so granny! Hahaha,, But I fit right in because the water aerobics class has tons and tons of old farts! I am so excited for this class. We were being really retarded in it today.. But when are we not retarded?
BTW I made student council. It was really time consuming and stressful while I was campaigning but I made it and it was all worth it. I am soo pumped for next year! :) It is gonna be a blast!