Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just the little things!

Ok... So I decided a couple weeks ago that I am gonna have something spiritual to say every sunday! This wasn't the greatest Sunday so I didnt know what to say. I had to teach the lesson in my ward today and I played the song called, "His hands" By Jenny Frogley and I love her so much! She is one of the reasons I started going back to church. Her music helped me gain a testimony of the Savior and she helped me to get closer to him through her words. I went on her facebook page today and decided to write her. I knew she wouldnt write me back cause she has so many friends and they probably all write her. Kammie has tried to write her before also and she never wrote back. I just wrote a couple sentences about how she has helped me and how I love her, hoping she would just at least read it sometime... DUDE! She wrote me back! I got so emotional when I saw the small paragraph from her.She talked about how I made her day and how I am beautiful. JENNY FROGLEY! Man I cant get over it. It made my week. I love EFY music and she is LITERALLY my favorite singer! :) It was huge to me but if you think about it.. It was just a couple words from just another daughter of God. Sometimes it is just the small things that make you the most happy! The savior knows what to do to make my day better!

I cant choose my favorite song so I just picked this one. I love it! I love her. I love the gospel!
I hope you all have an awesome sunday! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

You peeve me!

I am really peeved and I am gonna try to be as nice as possible! People are just rude. Not to only me but everyone. People think just because they are having a hard time with something they can take it out on everyone! Not cool. Whether it is nursing, school, church callings, boyfriends, friends, work or whatever! It is not appropriate. I heard a really good lesson the other day! The talk was called, "hope ya know, we had a hard time!" It was honestly the best lesson I have heard in a long time. It was exactly what I needed. During the lesson Brother Palmer showed us this message. I watch it all the time now.Everytime I wake up feeling like I am in a bad mood this is the perfect video to watch!

When you think about it you should have no reason to be so negitive! No matter how bad you have it... There is always someone that has it worse than you. When You are in a bad mood the best thing to do is serve others NOT go around mopping and being rude about this problem you are facing. I hope all you people that are having a hard time will feel better soon and start showing kindness. I know college is stressful but FOR REAL?????

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Call me a cougar. It's whatever!

Cougar. Me. Yes.
Who would have thought a 16 year old boy could get me so giddy!
I am INLOVE with Justin Bieber! It is the kinda love where I would marry him if he was older but because he is so young I just want to hook him up with my sister. Does that kind of love exist? Hm... I dont know? Me and Kale made it a goal to go to one of his concerts(after we get a job). I can just picture it right now! Me in the front row with all the 12 year old girls who are still trying to discover who they really are. Singing, crying, and wearing those tight pink Justin Bieber shirts that say "I have bieber fever!" Man... Gotta miss those days! I have a poster of him right above my bed. He is the last thing I see before I go to bed and the first thing I see when I wake up! Love it. Love it. I actually gave the poster of JB a mustache and a beard with my sharpie so I don't feel like a creeper/cougar for loving someone so young!
This was just tonight & We look terrible cause we are getting ready for bed!
We watched the movie trailers for his movie coming out! Woohoo! I am so excited to see it! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cute little Acne Face!

Yes.. Cute little acne face is right! I know a lot of girls that will not leave their house if they have a big zit or maybe just little ones all over their face. I guess they are worried about the boys?? We all go through awkward years. If boys make fun of your acne it makes it okay to tease them about their squeaky voice! Just part of hitting puberty I guess!  I dont get embarrassed by my acne and I am not today either but this mountain on my face hurts. Dont be worried when you see me PLEASE! It is not a tumor just a little curse God gives all of us.

I can play "dot to dot" on my face now. I tried to find an animal or a shape when I connected the dots! Still no success but I will find something!

I guess this is what Stress does to you! I have school to blame!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hurray for Temples! :D

I decided ever Sunday I am gonna make a post about something spiritual. I absolutely love temples. WELL duh I love temples, right? That is the only way you can be with your family forever and live for eternity. I completely believe that. This has been a great weekend. I was able to go to the Temple twice yesterday. I was the only one that didnt go inside because I couldnt find my recommend, BUT to be honest with you I really enjoyed sitting outside the temple for awhile.I definitely recommend it! I was able to sit out there and ponder, read my scriptures, write in my journal, and take pictures for a couple hours. You know how being by yourself makes you think a lot.?Well being by yourself at the temple is even more intense! I am so blessed to have the Temple 3 minutes from my casa. :) We read about families that wait their whole life to go, saving money just to make one visit in their life time. WOW! It makes me realize how much I take that for granted. It is selfish of me. I am disappointed to say that I do not attend the Temple weekly like I did last semester! This is about to change!

 These were just a couple of the pictures I took While I was at the Temple!! It was a beautiful day!

This was after my sisters came out. It was a big group that went to the temple Saturday morning but This is just a "tender" sister one! :)

 Later that day we went back because my roommate and her awesome sister that is visiting wanted to go take pictures.
 That Evening!
 I think the Lord has a sense of Humor! He digs this kind of stuff!
 I love my roommate!
 Us... On the train tracks!
The temple at night.. Mmm I love it!

When I used to go to the temple I never took it too serious. Until I was listening to one talk that talked about The temple and how Jesus Christ our Savior has walked the halls of the temple. The Savior has LITERALLY walked where I have walked. That is huge and something that should be very sacred! The Gila Valley Temple already holds a very special place in my heart. I have had great memories there already and I was able to witness the dedication. I was also able to go see the tour of the temple before it was dedicated. It was so Beautiful! The sealing room got me emotional because I was never able to be sealed to my parents or family! :( It is totally ok though cause I will have my own family one day and I WILL be sealed for all time and eternity. It just makes me want to strive for it even harder. 

I love to see the temple. I am going there someday! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

BLAH BLAH.. Nothing Special.. BLAH...

Ok... So I am running for Executive assistant! You are probably wondering what that is because I was doing the same thing before I decided I wanted to run for student council. Executive assistants main thing they do weekly is they make the "Monday monster" but then they also help with big activities like homecoming and such! I am just not worried about it. Not cause i know I will win but because if it happens it is meant to be. If it doesnt....Oh well! I guess it is not meant to be! I am just excited to see the end results. The two other girls running for it are amazing too!

You know those boys that you just want to bunch in the... I think you know what I am talking about? Well.. I am dealing with that right now. I wish he would just take the hint. It is almost to the point where I dont even want to be his friend. I have never met anyone that could put me in a worse mood! He makes me grouchy sometimes.. HELP ME! 
Well that is it for now. I will let you know how the campaigning goes. Wish me luck! With the campaign and getting away with murder (Just kidding about murdering a man! Dont report me. Please!)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A picture can say a MILLION words!

That dang wind!
Sometimes I really like the wind. So much that I stick my head out of the window to experience it BUT sometimes....
I wonder, "What is the point of Wind??!?" It is so frustrating sometimes!
Call us babies.. BUT we are sick of it!
Hook us up with some more beautiful days PLEASE!