Saturday, October 12, 2013

Updated this shiz..

Yo homies!! What it do?? So life is pretty good. It is actually great! I can not complain. I have an amazing job that I love. This may sound weird but it is totally preparing me for motherhood! I have learned so much..Man I am so excited to be a mom someday. I hope I am the best at it! My hours are awesome because I get off early enough to have a social life too! Pretty amazing right?? It is pretty easy to have a social life in Mesa. There is always someone new to meet. Since I moved here I haven't spent very many nights at home! A party animal is what they call me! Haha... I feel bad for ever judging the people of Mesa. Some may have different life styles and interests but Holy crapola I have met some of the best people here! I have so many good friends. I didn't realize that until I went through hard trials with my brother and I had tons of people reaching out to me. Friends make this world go round! Okay so everyone always wants an update with my dating life. Well I go on dates weekly so that is good but I am still single. Sometimes I feel like I like the single life too much! That's bad.. I know! The prophet wants us to get married so that is what I should be doing for cute little Tommy Monson but marriage is scary! We are talking about freaking eternity here. Sometimes I get the question, "what do you want?" Ughh... I hate to say this but I am one of those girls that wants what I cant have. THEN once I get what I couldn't have.. I don't want it anymore! Girls, how do you over come that whole thing?? Cause it is a problem! Haha. I literally get annoyed of myself daily. If I don't understand myself how am I gonna expect men to understand me. They are already stupid as it is. Is it bad to say I want to date someone similar to myself?? People say opposites attract which may be true but I don't want someone super different from me.. I want someone that is super into the gospel and they follow the commandments but they can also party. Sometimes I will pill out of the church parking lot listening to my humps, or act like someone spiked the punch at a YSA activity. I want someone like that. Someone that will make me laugh for eternity, Someone I am never bored with! I am not a desperate 22 year old so I will take my time finding that guy. Until then I will be living the single life.. Oh and I am going to Europe next Thursday so I will have to tell you all about that in my next blog update. Man I have a good life. I hope all is well with all of you.

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