Friday, June 7, 2013

My new life!!

Hey all you blog readers!!! It has been way too long and I am so sorry!! So much about my life has changed.. Actually everything about my life has changed. It is scary but it is also refreshing. I just moved to Mesa Arizona a couple weeks ago and it is so different here! To start off I moved back in with my parents.. When you move in with your parents it makes you feel like you are taking a step back but I am saving money so bring it on.They are actually totally cool with me staying here. They even said they want me to stay living here until I get married, and they meant it!They are gonna regret that when I am 35 and still not married. Our neighborhood is really nice and we have a house with a pool. The only part about our neighborhood that sucks is the stupid gate. You have to put a code in and then it opens at a speed of -15mph. One time I got so annoyed of waiting that I tried to fit through before it was fully open and I hit the gate with my car.. Opps! No damage though. Before I got a job I spent my days in the pool and going down the waterslide. It is a pretty sweet slide. Sometimes I even go down on my stomach! Thats wuzzup! I just started working at a place called Gutherie Mainstreams. It is a center where you work with disabled kids. All my friends asks me if I work there or if I am a new client!!Haha very funny!..NOT! It is a lot harder than you would think. These kids have a hard time communicating what they want so they usually express themselves by running off, hitting, crying, or yelling! In those moments I think to myself , "What am I doing here??" but the job isnt all bad. There is actually a lot more good and it is very rewarding. I have only worked there a week but I feel so attached to these kids already. One day I was having a really hard time with one of my clients. I honestly just wanted to go home and cry. Before his grandpa come to pick him up he got tired so we went in the blue room and laid down so he could take a nap. We laid there facing eachother in silence. When I looked at him he had the biggest smile and he looked like there was no place he would rather be. Lying there with him smiling so big at me like that made me teary eyed. I wish everyone were more like these kids. They are amazing! Their whole lives are a trial and they still find time to smile. Kids with disabilities are some of the strongest and smartest people I know. I think Heavenly father picked the strongest people to come down to earth and have disabilities. I know when they make it through this life their Heavenly Father is gonna be waiting there with open arms! It is so cool to think that they will be perfected one day. It is such a rewarding job!! I love it. Another good thing about my job is I am done everyday by five which means I can still have a social life. I have met SOO many people, more people than I thought I would this early on. Because there are so many people in this huge city I get invited to tons of things and they are all fun! This is definitely a place where you have to go out of your way to met people but that is ok! I have always loved that. The only thing about mesa that I dont really like is the fact that so many people care about the way they are viewed by others. I am not like that at all. Everyone here has to have the nicest clothes and the nicest car and then here I am cruising in my beat up haundi that has no AC (which totally sucks by the way) and one of my favorite shirts is 2 sizes too big with a picture of a pig on it. I got it at wal-mart! And yes, I do shop at wal-mart! One night I went to a party and I was one of the only girls that ate cake! That freaked me out! It is FREAKING CAKE people! and IT WAS FREE.. All the girls had rockin bodies and were still worried about what they eat. Weird. I guess not everyone is as weird as me. I like it here though. It is growing on me and I havent ran into too many pretty boys! THANK GOODNESS! I do miss Thatcher so much but something I realized is happiness isnt about where you are it is about your attitude. So I am gonna keep a great attitude gosh dang it. I love Mesa, Az!
Dont they looks so happy to have me back? (I dont look too happy though haha)

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