Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Almost Thankgiving...

What it do??
It is a great day to be alive and let me just say I am so glad that I am still alive. I have been sick for 10 freaking days now and it suckssss.. Everyday I wake up sick is another day I wake up hating the world. Just kidding! It really isnt that bad. I just cant breathe so that is annoying as fetching crap! I hope i am better by tomorrow because I really like turkey and I want to stuff my face! When I think of Thankgiving I think of how I would hide out in the bathroom so I didnt have to help cook and set the table. All that shiz is not my cup of tea. I usually just make the mash potato's because all you do is mash them, add milk, add butter and then BAM! Since it is almost Thanksgiving I should probably tell you what I am grateful for.
1. Family.

2. The Gospel.

3. Friends
(I have alot more friends but I couldnt find pictures!)

4. My Job.

5. Education

These are just acouple things I am grateful for.


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