Thursday, November 8, 2012

Come what may and love it.

Okay all of you blog readers... It has been way too long. I just sat at my computer for almost an hour updating this blog. When I read it back to myself I just found it to be depressing. Who whats to hear about all the things that are going wrong in someones life? Well freak! I know I don't. My life has been so good. I have had so many blessings throughout my life. Sometimes it is really hard to focus on all of the things we have. I feel like we spend more time focusing on things we don't have. I know I sometimes do that. How selfish could I be? I am going through a pretty hard trial right now and I went to my bishop for guidance. He helped me so much! He told me I need to have more faith in my heavenly father! Everything is going to be okay. This is such a hard time for Young Single Adults because we are trying to figure out who we are going to marry, what we are going to major in and where we are going after we leave EAC! The attitude I have right now is, "Bring it on!" I can take anything that comes my way if I remember the words that Wirthlin spoke, "Come what may and love it!" Find the best in every situation and just love your life. I have been so blessed in mine. As many of you know(and if you don't already) I was dating an incredible boy off and on for almost a year and it ended. We both believe it was for the best! I don't know if this is just time to figure out how much we really need each other or if it is a time to move on and find someone else. All I know is that everything will work out for the best if I am doing my best. Don't spend all your time being sad. That just makes you seem ungrateful for all the things your father in Heaven has given you! I am so happy and I am so bumped to see how my life turns out. Come what may and love it!

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